Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No New Hampshire

What can I say, I feel like I am living in a roller coaster of circumstance and emotion. I think I have really run the gamut this month. We were prepared mentally to move to New Hampshire to work, but in the end the company said it would be too expensive to move Nate there and then to move him to AZ in November. Oh well, this is still the back up plan to go to AZ when they open their clinic there. In the meantime Nate has a sales job training starting next week. The potential is enormous (as are all sales jobs), but we will see. I hope it works out and that he does well. I have learned to never count on anything until it actually happens. This experience has also taught me a lot about waiting and trusting God.

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  1. You know Brittany just moved to AZ. Wait, I don't know if you know her, but I know her so you are her friend by proxy. The Church is small, it'll work!
    Her blog is

    Do you know her?