Monday, May 2, 2011

At the end of the month Little Victoria will be a year old. How time flies. This morning I walked in to wake Hannah up for school and started calling her name. Victoria was standing by Hannah's bed and said in the cutest little voice. "Haannaah". Wish I could have a recording to post. So cute. We have been practicing names the last few days. She just loves her big sister. She gets so excited when Hannah comes home from school. As for Hannah she is delighted to have such a cute little sister( most of the time).

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

I was only gone for 1 hour! I took Victoria with me to the store and left Zane and Hannah with Grandpa Mike. Upon my return I was told by Hannah,"Zane is green! He is green everywhere!" I thought, no big deal, so he marked up his arms and legs a little. Ha! Ha! Ha! Little did I know what monster was to emerge from the depths of downstairs. Up he comes, could this really be my little angel all marked up. I'm thinking I don't see any green. Then I spot his little arms and legs. Green from top to bottom. Green on his neck, green on his toes, green on his elbows. Green everywhere except, oh yeah, HIS FACE! What you can't see in this picture is how he is painted all up and down his arms and legs. Instantly into the bath he goes. Where Hannah wants to join him. I am afraid she will turn green too.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This week has been a week full of changes. Nate got a new job in dental sales. He starts in about a week. He will be flying to Atlanta to do training for a week. Mind you this is right after we have a baby this week. I am so lucky that Myrna will be home all week with me instead of working. I was wondering what to do if he got the job. We are so excited about the changes that are happening and are so grateful for this new opportunity. We will have to move the the Orange County area though, by September 1.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

So having a blog is like having a journal for me. I never write in it, what a surprise. I just can't write everything I would normally write in my journal. You know all those huge secrets I have.

These last few weeks have been interesting. Nate has been taking our car to work so the kids and I are stuck at home all week by ourselves, unless some kind person has mercy on us and takes us in their car or they come to visit. Church has now become the social event of the week and we are so excited to leave our house when Sunday comes.

Zane has entered a wonderful new phase in his life. He has now officially become a bully of young and old alike. He is really a very sweet child, just he has discovered that he can have control when he hits or pushes and is trying to get his way. This has now become a constant struggle and he sits on time out alot. Not just at home, but this Sunday he was on time out most of nursery time. I don't know if it is sinking in yet. Don't hit and you won't have a time out.

He thinks everything is a joke. I worry about getting it through his head. People tell me that that's just how boys are. I don't know. He is my first boy.

I have been working on some projects that I am excited for. Some quilts and some other projects that are a secret right now, but are in the making. That's all I am going to say about that right now, other than I am very excited about them.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lizard in the Bed!

This afternoon I took Zane for a drive to get him to fall asleep. When I came home I was putting him in bed and I saw something on his covers. I thought at first that it was the Master Mantis toy we had gotten from McDonalds a while ago, but then it moved and I looked again. It was a lizard! with Zane also in the bed. I flung the covers and yelped, it flew through the air flailing its legs and landed at the bottom of the bed on the floor. This is a first ever. I told Hannah to run and go get DAD because there was a lizard in the room. Needless to say it was a fun adventure for all catching him and putting him outside and all the while Zane was fast asleep in his bed.

Diaper Diaper Diaper

Zane's favorite word is diaper. Just say it to him and see what happens. I dare you! Say it with a straight face, say it in a whisper. Any way you say it will have him rolling in fits of giggles. Back and forth it goes until he is kicking a screaming diaper and laughing his head off. Gotta love that kid.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No New Hampshire

What can I say, I feel like I am living in a roller coaster of circumstance and emotion. I think I have really run the gamut this month. We were prepared mentally to move to New Hampshire to work, but in the end the company said it would be too expensive to move Nate there and then to move him to AZ in November. Oh well, this is still the back up plan to go to AZ when they open their clinic there. In the meantime Nate has a sales job training starting next week. The potential is enormous (as are all sales jobs), but we will see. I hope it works out and that he does well. I have learned to never count on anything until it actually happens. This experience has also taught me a lot about waiting and trusting God.