Saturday, August 8, 2009

So having a blog is like having a journal for me. I never write in it, what a surprise. I just can't write everything I would normally write in my journal. You know all those huge secrets I have.

These last few weeks have been interesting. Nate has been taking our car to work so the kids and I are stuck at home all week by ourselves, unless some kind person has mercy on us and takes us in their car or they come to visit. Church has now become the social event of the week and we are so excited to leave our house when Sunday comes.

Zane has entered a wonderful new phase in his life. He has now officially become a bully of young and old alike. He is really a very sweet child, just he has discovered that he can have control when he hits or pushes and is trying to get his way. This has now become a constant struggle and he sits on time out alot. Not just at home, but this Sunday he was on time out most of nursery time. I don't know if it is sinking in yet. Don't hit and you won't have a time out.

He thinks everything is a joke. I worry about getting it through his head. People tell me that that's just how boys are. I don't know. He is my first boy.

I have been working on some projects that I am excited for. Some quilts and some other projects that are a secret right now, but are in the making. That's all I am going to say about that right now, other than I am very excited about them.